Agenda 2022

Screenshot from Sz. Berlin RZZ-22 video

Following relocation to Istria in 2021, Sz. Berlin is intensifying its activities in 2022, inspired by the architectural and industrial heritage of its new surroundings.

Each Sz. Berlin project or action will now be assigned a “catalogue number” and will be named in this three letter/three number format. The first of these was RZZ-22 in May. Next was PLM-22 in October.

This will be followed by the performance Schmerzbau Berlin SZB-22 in Berlin on October 14th. In November the video TEV-22 will premiere at Burren College of Art, Ireland, in conjunction with the cdx-foto exhibition “Autarcheum”.

The year will close on 16th December with a local exhibition, Disposizione schematica (RZR-22), at DKC-Lamparna, Labin.

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Towards a concrete dys(u)topia. Sz. Berlin return to Iklectik, 26.01.19

Towards a Concrete (Dys)Utopia

This special audio-visual performance at Iklectik in January will explore the sonic and symbolic properties of concrete in London and beyond. Using field recordings, archive material, live electronics and processing, it will provide a soundtrack to the ambivalent and even terrifying status of concrete and Brutalism in the public imagination.

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New album and video: Windstärke zwölf

Our CDR album has now been officially released via VEB89 on bandcamp. Based on the pieces composed for our performance aboard the M.S. Stubnitz in Hamburg, the album includes other tracks from the same sessions plus a special bonus track: Autopsia’s stunning remix of DDR60 track Nationalhymne 2009.

The tracks created for the Stubnitz and the wider album explore the dark legacy of the East German navy (Volksmarine) and fishing fleets, which were decimated following German re-unification, with social and political consequences that are still unfolding today. The album presents a ghostly glimpse into the lost world of the Cold War at sea and the lives of those engaged on its frontlines.


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Photos from the Stubnitz

Read about our recent performance on the Stubnitz.

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Sz. Berlin plays at Iklectik, London, 17.5.17


We can now announce our next London show, scheduled for 17th May. This will include a premiere of our material composed for our appearance aboard M.S. Stubnitz at the Primal Uproar festival.

Our guests are Jose Macabra and Am Not, with DJ support from Nihil.

View the Facebook event here.

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Kurs liegt an! Sz. Berlin plays Primal Uproar II on the Ms. Stubnitz!


By Benutzer:Gemo-netzBenutzer:Gemo-netz, Attribution, Link

Sz. Berlin is proud to participate in this major industrial/noise/techno festival aboard the legendary former DDR fishing vessel Ms. Stubnitz in Hamburg. Taking place between 30th June and 2nd July, the event features a massive line-up.

Tickets are available here and you can get involved on the Facebook page.

Update: view photos from Sz. Berlin’s performance at the event.


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New track: Endstation 2016

An ambivalent farewell to an ambivalent year, produced using vintage equipment from the Cold War era.

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Sz. Berlin at the 2nd NSK State Folk Art Biennale

Promotional image: 2nd NSK State Folk Art Biennale

In July we participated in this international event at The College of The Burren, Ballyvaughan, Éire.

The video work Furchtbare Schönheit entstand (A Terrible Beauty is Born), a response to Irish history featured in the exhibition.

The opening night events included the live action Stahlschwert 16, performed in the historic environment of Ballyvaughan Castle.

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New track: VSF 80

We have released a new digital track inspired by the 1980 Warsaw Pact exercise Waffenbrüderschaft 80.

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DDR60 Available Now!

VEB89 has now released the DDR60 compilation. Sz. Berlin’s track Nationalhymne 2009 will be remixed for separate release. The official trailer can be seen here:



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