Agenda 2022

Screenshot from Sz. Berlin RZZ-22 video

Following relocation to Istria in 2021, Sz. Berlin is intensifying its activities in 2022, inspired by the architectural and industrial heritage of its new surroundings.

Each Sz. Berlin project or action will now be assigned a “catalogue number” and will be named in this three letter/three number format. The first of these was RZZ-22 in May. Next was PLM-22 in October.

This will be followed by the performance Schmerzbau Berlin SZB-22 in Berlin on October 14th. In November the video TEV-22 will premiere at Burren College of Art, Ireland, in conjunction with the cdx-foto exhibition “Autarcheum”.

The year will close on 16th December with a local exhibition, Disposizione schematica (RZR-22), at DKC-Lamparna, Labin.


About Sz.Berlin

Sz.Berlin (Schmerzzentrum Berlin) is a London-based cultural intervention force formed in 2007. It draws inspiration from German and European historical, cultural & ideological sources. It takes particular inspiration from the hidden history of electronic music research in the DDR, as well as from East German design culture and the Warsaw Pact. More recently, it has engaged with Irish history and continues to develop its sound and aesthetic. Sz. Berlin has performed at several London nights including Ill FM At The Others, Klub V.E.B. and Noise=Noise. It has also performed on location in Bosnia and Ireland. In May 2011 the group participated in the Konjic Biennale with installations and a performance in the former Yugoslav command bunker. See the Biennale website for further information on the bunker and the installations page for more details of the Sz. Berlin works featured. Following a pause Sz. Berlin re-emerged in 2013 with a London live action and a new video. Sz. Berlin also commissioned a thematic compilation based on the history of East Germany and this was issued in October 2014 by the label VEB89. Studio work continued in 2015, resulting in the release of a new digital track. Following a period of intensive historical research and a/v production and editing Sz. Berlin re-emerged in summer 2016 to participate in 2nd NSK State Folk Art Biennale in Ireland. Future plans include a London live performance and the release of both new and archive recordings. For press, performance or installation enquiries please contact[at]
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