Available now: [R]evolution by Epoch featuring Sz. Berlin mixes

The limited CDR and digital formats are now officially released and can be listened to bought from the Carbon 12 website…

“In the global state, economies, politics and peoples combine in trans-nationalism and what occurs in one country’s system ripples through the rest of the world, often with tragic consequences. The audacity of those in power, coupled with the desire to control and manipulate, has led to the chain of events currently striking across the globe.

 But this came as no surprise to Epoch, which chronicled the path to today’s crisis with the 2013 album “Purity & Revolution,” featuring the power hungry and those who warned in their own historical words, set to the backdrop of industrial militaristic machine music.

An anthem to the corrupt nature of politics and economics, “Purity” displayed a range of style and instrumentation from subtle neo-folk acoustic guitar, to powerful symphonic martial arrangements, to driving and distorted guitars.

With “[R]evolution,” Epoch invited an equally diverse and global range of artists to remix tracks from “Purity & Revolution.” Acknowledging the extremism in the socio-political landscape, “[R]evolution” delivers extreme interpretations of Epoch’s sound. “[R]evolution” features remixes by <dE/mutE> from Germany, Sz.Berlin from England, Thy Fearful Symmetry, R3m0rt and Psychepoppet from the US and Lenin from the Netherlands.

The resulting tracks explore Epoch’s musical territory even further, prodding the listener with an even harder mix of “W.T.O.” by <dE/mutE>, which pounds the dance floor with emphasized drums and incessant beat. Thy Fearful Symmetry provides the opposite, with a quietly stylized and guitar-laden take on “Architects of the Third World,” aptly titled “Neglect of the First World.” R3m0rt delves into club territory on “Corporate State,” while Sz.Berlin ventures into art/noise construction, taking on “March of the Revolution,” Lenin delivers a brilliant and dense IDM version of “Capitalism is the New Fascism.” Featuring 7 different artists across 9 tracks, Epoch’s sound crosses sonic boundaries and international borders.”

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Sz. Berlin Epoch Remixes


Sz. Berlin’s remixes of Epoch’s track March of the Revolution will feature on the album  [R]evolution due for release this autumn. The track features well chosen and highly topical samples from Great Depression era American orators. The remixes re-sequence and distort these, bringing their ideological meaning to the surface. The Xkeyscore mix, which can be heard here on the Sounds page creates an oppressive and tension-filled atmosphere of imminent oppression, whilst the faster LRAD mix is an alarm call designed to galvanise listeners into responding to the severity of the crisis the track describes.

For further information check the Epoch website.

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New video: 25kt 2013 Re-Edit

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New video: Dem Feind Keine Chance!

Sz. Berlin has released a new video based on found footage of a Warsaw Pact amphibious assault.

Watch other Sz. Berlin films in the video section.

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Sz. Berlin is currently processing photo and video material from Konjic, check the video page for footage of the 25kt installation.

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New Video material…

See the video page for new video from the London action on March 12th. Further video will be online shortly.

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Konjic coverage on Radio 4 and in Art Monthly

Sz. Berlin’s participation in the Konjic Biennale recently featured in media coverage of the event.

The current July-August issue of Art Monthly discusses the Sz. performance in the tunnel and the 25kt installation which was not actually played the evening but which is played regularly to visitors to the bunker.

The article was written by Bob Dickinson who also produced a half-hour documentary for Radio 4 which can be listened to here. The programme features a brief interview with Sz. members, an extract from 25kt and the performance can also be heard in the background at one point.

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