Furchtbare Schönheit entstand 2016

The video work Furchtbare Schönheit entstand (A Terrible Beauty is Born) featured in the 2nd NSK State Folk Art Biennale in Ireland.


It presented a series of historical quotations about Ireland and the Irish from figures including Goethe, Churchill, Michael Collins and others, as well as military, press, and official statements from the period of The Easter Rising and The War of Independence. The quotations appear firstly in Irish, then in English, then in German. The often surprising sources are revealed only at the end.


The soundtrack was composed from relevant archival audio which was intensively processed and played back through other devices. Some of the quotations were rendered into Morse code, which was then reprocessed. It evolves during the course of the video to create a challenging and haunting soundscape appropriate to the subject matter.


The video will be posted here and the work is currently being prepared for performance with a live soundtrack, which will also be released by VEB89, together with a new version of the live action Stahlschwert 16.